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We’ve created an update version.

Step 1: Download files for your characters (sprites) or chose from sprite library.

  • Mario
  • Peach
  • Donkey Kong

Step 2: Design The Backdrop & Game Layout

  • Use the Paint Tool to draw your platforms.
    • Draw Thick lines (pt. 6-10)

Step 3: Program The Game

Mario’s Functions

1. Run left and rightMovement
2. Climb up and down laddersCostume
3. JumpCostume


This will program to make mario jump when you press space bar.

Barrel Actions

  • Make barrels reappear and disappear
  • Make barrels fall down
  • Lose a life if barrel touches mario

More to code:

Multple events and actions for sprites.

  • Score points when jump over barrels
  • Score points (and win game) when touch princess
  • Die when touch barrel

  • Make Donkey Kong die on success
  • Lose lives

Chose something that will fall like a barrel or a ball.