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  • Mario
  • Peach
  • Donkey Kong

Step 1: Download files for your characters (sprites).

Step 2: Design The Backdrop & Game Layout

  • Use the Paint Tool to draw your platforms.
    • Draw Thick lines (pt. 6-10)

Step 3: Program The Game

Mario’s Functions

1. Run left and rightMovement
2. Climb up and down ladders


This will program to make mario jump when you press space bar.


  • Make barrels reappear and disappear
  • Make barrels fall down
  • Lose a life if barrel touches mario

More to code. Multple events and actions for sprites.

  • Score points when jump over barrels
  • Score points (and win game) when touch princess
  • Die when touch barrel

  • Make Donkey Kong die on success
  • Lose lives

Chose something that will fall like a barrel or a ball.