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California Public Schools

Gov. Newsom Passes Law to Help Kids Who Struggle with Reading

Gov. Newsom Passes Law to Help Struggling Readers Governor Newsom just signed a new law called the Education Omnibus Budget Trailer Bill (SB 114). This law requires that all kids K-2nd be screened for reading difficulties, like dyslexia. What Does it Mean? The State Board of Education will create rules and pick special tools to test students’ reading skills. Local Education Agencies (LEAs) will be required to select screening tools from the approved list provided by the State Board of Education. These tools will be used for annual screening of students in grades K-2. Schools will use these tools every year… Read More »Gov. Newsom Passes Law to Help Kids Who Struggle with Reading

How to Teach Young Children Coping Skills

Coping skills are the strategies and techniques individuals use to manage stress and difficult emotions. Teaching coping skills is an essential aspect of mental health education and can help individuals better navigate challenging situations. This article will explore some of the best teaching methods for coping skills and the research supporting their effectiveness.