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Screen Time Impacts Sensory Development in Toddlers under 2

New research highlights the relationship between early screen exposure and atypical sensory behaviors in toddlers.

Screen Times Lasting Effects on Child Brain Development

 Recent research from Drexel’s College of Medicine shows how exposure to screen-time can lead to sensory processing challenges, attention, and executive function skills.

Bab gaze into screens, often develop sensory sensitivities – like getting easily bored or reacting strongly to loud sounds. Sensory processing, comes challenging behaviors.

Sensory Seeking:

Sensory sensitivities

Why It Matters: Sensory skills are crucial for a child’s success.

Sensitive or have challenges processing stimulation functioning well, it could impact how they communicate, behave, and socialize. 😟

How Much Screen Time is Too Much for Children?

Brain Scientists recommendations

  • NO SCREEN TIME for young children under 2.
  • For 2-5-year-olds, limit it to less than one hour a day. ⏰
  • Get informed! Learn about managing screen time and add enjoyable activities to enhance your baby’s senses.